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Property Finance

Securing the perfect location for a thriving fruit & veg business

Challenge: Our client sought to purchase a new commercial property to house their expanding fruit and veg business. They were a business owner in the fruit and vegetable industry who were referred to RHL by a trusted broker with a 20+ year relationship.

Solution: Following a thorough financial assessment, RHL identified the client’s business as highly profitable. By leveraging this information, RHL was able to:

  • Approach multiple lenders: Our established network provided a wider range of financing options
  • Secure a competitive commercial mortgage: This solution offered the client the most favourable interest rate while minimizing overall fees

Outcome: With RHL’s guidance, the client secured the perfect commercial property to support their business growth. The competitive terms of the mortgage ensured a financially sound foundation for their future success

Key Takeaways:

  • This case study showcases how RHL Unique Financial Solutions empowers businesses to secure the perfect property for growth
  • Financing Tailored to Your Business: We go beyond simply offering loans. Through a thorough assessment, we understand your business’s financial health and tailor financing solutions that support your specific needs
  • Access to Competitive Rates: Our strong lender relationships allow us to negotiate favourable terms, including low interest rates and minimal fees, ensuring your loan is financially advantageous
  • Experienced Guidance for Business Owners: We understand the challenges business owners face when securing commercial property financing. Our expertise guides you through the process and helps you make informed decisions
  • Unlocking Growth Potential: With the right financing in place, you can secure the ideal location to expand your business and achieve your long-term goals

If you’re a business owner looking to purchase a new commercial property, contact RHL Unique Financial Solutions today. We can help you navigate the financing process and find the perfect solution to fuel your business growth.

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