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Funding needed to address planning issues

Challenge: A client came to RHL via a recommendation after encountering problems midway through a three-house development project. Their existing lender expressed concerns due to unexpected planning complications.

The client requirements were to:

  • Secure refinancing to address the lender’s concerns
  • Raise additional capital of £500,000 in two phases to complete construction
  • Access funding quickly to minimise project delays

Solution: Our team efficiently searched the market and identified a suitable lender offering a competitive product. This solution allowed us to:

  • Refinance the existing loan, resolving the concerns of the previous lender
  • Secure the required capital in two separate drawdowns, enabling the client to complete the build according to the revised plans
  • Facilitate a swift funding process to minimize disruption to the development schedule

Outcome: With RHL’s assistance, the client successfully obtained the necessary funding. This allowed them to address the planning issues, complete the construction of the three houses, and achieve their development goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • This case study highlights RHL’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver successful outcomes for clients facing complex development loan situations
  • Fast and Effective Solutions: We understand the urgency of resolving financing issues during a development project. Our team works swiftly to find the best solutions with minimal disruption to your schedule
  • Expertise in Navigating Challenges: Unexpected problems like planning complications can arise during development. RHL’s experience helps you navigate these hurdles and secure the funding you need to move forward
  • Access to Diverse Funding Options: We have a strong network of lenders, allowing us to find the most suitable loan product for your specific needs, even in complex situations
  • Focus on Client Success: Our priority is ensuring your development project stays on track and achieves its goals. We provide the guidance and support necessary to secure funding and complete your project successfully

If you’re facing challenges with your development loan or need help securing financing for a complex project, contact us. We can help you find the right solution and achieve your development goals.

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