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Navigating a complex development loan

Challenge: Our clients faced a critical situation as the term on their existing development loan was nearing its end, and the property renovations were not fully completed. While the original lender offered an extension, the proposed terms came with significantly higher interest rates and fees, creating a financial burden for the clients.

Solution: Recognising the urgency and potential financial strain, RHL proactively explored alternative solutions. Our in-depth market knowledge and understanding of development financing enabled us to identify a lender willing to accept the partially completed property.


  • Favourable Terms: We secured a “Development Exit” product from a new lender, offering significantly lower interest rates and fees compared to the original lender’s extension proposal. This provided the clients with substantial cost savings
  • Extended Flexibility: The new product granted the clients additional time to finalise the property renovations, market it effectively, and secure a buyer. This eliminated the pressure associated with the impending deadline and facilitated a smoother sales process
  • Successful Completion: With the financial flexibility provided by the new loan, the clients were able to complete the development project, successfully sell the property, and ultimately repay the bridging finance

Outcome: RHL’s proactive approach and expertise in development finance proved crucial in navigating this complex situation. By securing a more favourable financing solution, we alleviated the financial pressure on the clients and empowered them to successfully complete and sell the property.

Key Takeaways:

  • RHL’s extensive network and understanding of the development finance market allow us to identify alternative solutions that cater to client’s specific needs, even in challenging situations
  • Proactive communication and strategic planning are essential in managing development projects and anticipating potential challenges
  • RHL’s commitment extends beyond securing initial funding, offering ongoing support and guidance throughout the development process

By combining our financial expertise with a client-centric approach, RHL empowers developers to navigate complex situations, secure favourable financing, and achieve their project goals.

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