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Property Finance

Facilitating a client’s development project

Challenge: Our client, having recently acquired a plot of land with approved planning permission for a single dwelling, approached RHL seeking funding to cover the construction costs. The project required staged funding over a 12-month period.

Solution: Recognising the client’s specific needs, RHL structured a tailored development loan. This solution provided the necessary funds in three planned drawdowns, aligning with the project’s construction phases.


  • Flexible Access to Capital: The structured drawdowns ensured the client only paid interest on the utilised funds, optimising cash flow and minimising unnecessary upfront costs
  • Project Completion: The development loan facilitated the timely completion of the construction project within the intended timeframe
  • Strategic Investment: Upon successful completion and sale of the property, the client leveraged the profits to embark on their next development venture

Outcome: RHL’s expertise in development finance not only secured the necessary funding but also provided a strategic financial solution that aligned with the client’s project timeline and future goals. The structured drawdowns minimized financial burden and enabled the client to focus on project execution.

Key Takeaways:

  • RHL’s understanding of development financing allows us to craft solutions that cater to clients’ specific project requirements and timelines
  • The strategic use of drawdowns optimises cash flow and minimises unnecessary interest costs for borrowers
  • RHL’s commitment extends beyond securing funding, offering guidance and support throughout the development process

By providing tailored financial solutions and expert guidance, RHL empowers clients to navigate complex development projects and achieve their investment goals.

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