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Property Finance

Bridging the gap in a time-sensitive property transaction

Challenge: Our client faced a critical situation when the sale of their existing residence unexpectedly fell through. This posed a significant hurdle, as they had already committed to an onward purchase with a tight deadline. They urgently required financing to secure the new property without jeopardising the transaction.

Solution: Understanding the time-sensitive nature of the situation, RHL swiftly assessed the client’s needs and recommended a regulated bridging loan. This solution leveraged the equity in both the client’s current residence and the intended new purchase property.


  • Rapid Financial Support: The efficient arrangement of the bridging loan ensured the client had the necessary funds readily available, preventing delays in the onward purchase
  • Seamless Transaction: With the bridging loan in place, the client successfully completed the purchase of their new property without any complications arising from the fallen-through sale
  • Flexible Repayment: The bridging loan was strategically structured to be repaid upon the sale of the existing residence, providing the client with ample time to secure a replacement buyer and complete the transaction

Outcome: RHL’s prompt action and expertise in bridging finance proved instrumental in resolving the client’s unexpected challenge. The bridging loan served as a critical bridge, facilitating a smooth onward purchase and preventing potential financial losses.

Key Takeaways:

  • RHL’s ability to respond swiftly and comprehend complex situations allows us to provide timely and effective financial solutions
  • Bridging loans offer valuable flexibility in time-sensitive property transactions, ensuring seamless continuations despite unforeseen circumstances
  • RHL’s commitment extends beyond securing funding, offering strategic guidance and support throughout the process

By combining our understanding of bridging finance with a client-centric approach, RHL empowers individuals to navigate unforeseen challenges and achieve their property goals.

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