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Case Study 1

Helping a Client Navigate a Complex Buy-to-Let Remortgage

Challenge: Our client, who owned a semi-commercial property with an office space and a three-bedroom maisonette, approached RHL Unique Financial Solutions seeking a loan to convert the maisonette into two separate two-bedroom flats.

Solution: RHL successfully secured a facility allowing the client to proceed with the conversion project. However, when it came time to refinance with a long-term mortgage the application was declined due to discrepancies between the completed conversion and the approved planning permission.

Action: Recognising the urgency, RHL swiftly explored alternative solutions. Due to the non-compliance with the planning permission, securing a traditional term loan proved challenging. RHL opted for a strategic approach:a.


  1. Securing a bridging loan: RHL arranged a new loan with an alternative lender, providing the client with additional time and resources to complete the conversion according to the approved plans.
  2. Ongoing communication and guidance: RHL maintained close communication with the client, offering expert advice and ensuring they understood the importance of adhering to the planning regulations.

Outcome: Once the conversion was completed in accordance with the planning permission, RHL successfully re-approached the original lender. This time, the client's application for a term loan was approved, providing them with a long-term financing solution.

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Case Study 2

Facilitating a Client's Development Project

Challenge: Our client, having recently acquired a plot of land with approved planning permission for a single dwelling, approached RHL seeking funding to cover the construction costs. The project required staged funding over a 12-month period.

Solution: Recognising the client's specific needs, RHL structured a tailored development loan. This solution provided the necessary funds in three planned drawdowns, aligning with the project's construction phases.


  • Flexible Access to Capital: The structured drawdowns ensured the client only paid interest on the utilised funds, optimising cash flow and minimising unnecessary upfront costs.
  • Project Completion: The development loan facilitated the timely completion of the construction project within the intended timeframe.
  • Strategic Investment: Upon successful completion and sale of the property, the client leveraged the profits to embark on their next development venture.

Outcome: RHL's expertise in development finance not only secured the necessary funding but also provided a strategic financial solution that aligned with the client's project timeline and future goals. The structured drawdowns minimized financial burden and enabled the client to focus on project execution.

Key Takeaways:

  • RHL's understanding of development financing allows them to craft solutions that cater to clients' specific project requirements and timelines.
  • The strategic use of drawdowns optimises cash flow and minimises unnecessary interest costs for borrowers.
  • RHL's commitment extends beyond securing funding, offering guidance and support throughout the development process.

By providing tailored financial solutions and expert guidance, RHL empowers clients to navigate complex development projects and achieve their investment goals.

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Case Study 3

Bridging the Gap in a Time-Sensitive Property Transaction

Challenge: Our client faced a critical situation when the sale of their existing residence unexpectedly fell through. This posed a significant hurdle, as they had already committed to an onward purchase with a tight deadline. They urgently required financing to secure the new property without jeopardising the transaction.

Solution: Understanding the time-sensitive nature of the situation, RHL swiftly assessed the client's needs and recommended a regulated bridging loan. This solution leveraged the equity in both the client's current residence and the intended new purchase property.


  • Rapid Financial Support: The efficient arrangement of the bridging loan ensured the client had the necessary funds readily available, preventing delays in the onward purchase.
  • Seamless Transaction: With the bridging loan in place, the client successfully completed the purchase of their new property without any complications arising from the fallen-through sale.
  • Flexible Repayment: The bridging loan was strategically structured to be repaid upon the sale of the existing residence, providing the client with ample time to secure a replacement buyer and complete the transaction.

Outcome: RHL's prompt action and expertise in bridging finance proved instrumental in resolving the client's unexpected challenge. The bridging loan served as a critical bridge, facilitating a smooth onward purchase and preventing potential financial losses.

Key Takeaways:

  • RHL's ability to respond swiftly and comprehend complex situations allows them to provide timely and effective financial solutions.
  • Bridging loans offer valuable flexibility in time-sensitive property transactions, ensuring seamless continuations despite unforeseen circumstances.
  • RHL's commitment extends beyond securing funding, offering strategic guidance and support throughout the process.

By combining their understanding of bridging finance with a client-centric approach, RHL empowers individuals to navigate unforeseen challenges and achieve their property goals.

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Case Study 4

Unlocking Potential in a Complex Property Purchase

Challenge: Our clients approached RHL with the ambitious goal of acquiring an ex-care home at auction and converting it into residential units. However, a significant hurdle existed - planning permission for the conversion was yet to be secured. This posed a challenge in obtaining traditional financing for the property.

Solution: Recognising the client's vision and potential, RHL assessed their overall financial profile. Leveraging their expertise, RHL devised a strategic solution tailored to the unique circumstances. They secured short-term bridging finance for the clients, utilising their existing buy-to-let property as security.


  • Auction Advantage: The bridging loan effectively positioned the clients as "cash buyers" at the auction, granting them a competitive edge and increasing their chances of securing the property.
  • Unlocking Potential: By facilitating the purchase, RHL enabled the clients to pursue their development project and unlock the potential of the ex-care home.
  • Flexible Adaptation: When unforeseen delays in the planning process threatened the viability of the bridging loan, RHL proactively explored alternative solutions. They successfully arranged a buy-to-let mortgage on the acquired property, seamlessly replacing the bridging loan and ensuring financial continuity.

Outcome: RHL's comprehensive approach and innovative thinking proved instrumental in overcoming the initial financing hurdle and navigating the unexpected delays. Their strategic solutions empowered the clients to secure the property, progress with their development plans, and ultimately achieve their investment goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • RHL's ability to think outside the box and tailor solutions to unique circumstances allows them to unlock opportunities for clients even in complex situations.
  • Bridging finance can serve as a valuable tool for acquiring properties requiring future development, providing temporary funding flexibility.
  • RHL's commitment extends beyond initial solutions, offering ongoing support and adapting strategies as circumstances evolve.

By combining their in-depth financial knowledge with a client-centric approach, RHL empowers individuals to navigate complex property transactions and achieve their investment aspirations.

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Case Study 5

Navigating a Complex Development Loan Completion

Challenge: Our clients faced a critical situation as the term on their existing development loan was nearing its end, and the property renovations were not fully completed. While the original lender offered an extension, the proposed terms came with significantly higher interest rates and fees, creating a financial burden for the clients.

Solution: Recognising the urgency and potential financial strain, RHL proactively explored alternative solutions. Their in-depth market knowledge and understanding of development financing enabled them to identify a lender willing to accept the partially completed property.


  • Favourable Terms: RHL secured a "Development Exit" product from a new lender, offering significantly lower interest rates and fees compared to the original lender's extension proposal. This provided the clients with substantial cost savings.
  • Extended Flexibility: The new product granted the clients additional time to finalise the property renovations, market it effectively, and secure a buyer. This eliminated the pressure associated with the impending deadline and facilitated a smoother sales process.
  • Successful Completion: With the financial flexibility provided by the new loan, the clients were able to complete the development project, successfully sell the property, and ultimately repay the bridging finance.

Outcome: RHL's proactive approach and expertise in development finance proved crucial in navigating this complex situation. By securing a more favourable financing solution, they alleviated the financial pressure on the clients and empowered them to successfully complete and sell the property.

Key Takeaways:

  • RHL's extensive network and understanding of the development finance market allow them to identify alternative solutions that cater to clients' specific needs, even in challenging situations.
  • Proactive communication and strategic planning are essential in managing development projects and anticipating potential challenges.
  • RHL's commitment extends beyond securing initial funding, offering ongoing support and guidance throughout the development process.

By combining their financial expertise with a client-centric approach, RHL empowers developers to navigate complex situations, secure favourable financing, and achieve their project goals.

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